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Read morePGD-Vademecum for based distance optimization and control methods in LCM processes.
N.Montes, L.Hilario, F.Chinesta, A.Falco, J.L.Duval.
International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials 2018.


Read moreReal-time Matlab-Simulink-Lego EV3 framework for teaching Robotics subjects .
N.Montes, N.Rosillo, M.C.Mora, L.Hilario.
Robotics in Education 2018.


Read morePGD Variational vademecum for robot motion planning. A dynamic obstacle case .
N.Montes, L.Hilario, E.Nadal, A.Falcó, F.Chinesta.
Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems 2018.


Read moreHow to design STEAM projects for Primary School in Spain.
F.Ruiz-Vicente, A.Zapatera, N.Montés.
International Technology, Education and Development Conference 2018.


Read moreA novel educational plattform based on Matlab-Simulink-lego EV3 for teaching with robots.
N.Montés, N.Rosillo, M.C.Mora, L.Hilario.
International Technology, Education and Development Conference 2018.


Read moreApplications for Proper Generalized Decomposition method in motion planning robotics systems.
N.Montés, F.Chinesta, A.Falcó, L.Hilario, M.C.Mora, N.Rosillo, J.L.Duval.
International Workshop on Reduced Basis, POD and PGD Model Reduction Techniques  2017.


Read moreTowards a self balancing machine velocity production line for energy saving.
E.Garcia, N.Montés.
International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics  2017.


Read moreOn the Proper Generalized Decomposition of shaped spaces.
A.Falcó, N.Montés, F.Chinesta, L.Hilario, M.C.Mora,  N.Rosillo.
Mathematical Modelling in Engineering and Human Behaviour  2017.


Read morePGD-Based Method for Mobile robots applications.
N.Montés, F.Chinesta, A.Falcó,  M.C.Mora, L.Hilario, N.Rosillo.
Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering  2017.


Read moreA Greedy-One Rank Algorithm In Mobile Robots Applications.
N.Montés, A.Falcó, L.Hilario, M.C.Mora, F.Chinesta.
Modelling for Engineering and Human Behaviour.  2016.


Read moreA New Mathematical model for automated production lines based on probabilistic subcycle times.
E.Garcia, N.Montés.
Modelling for Engineering and Human Behaviour.  2015.


Read moreA Tensor Bezier Shape Deformation for cluttered and uncertain spaces.
L.Hilario, A.Falcó, N.Montés, F.Chinesta, M.C.Mora.
Modelling for Engineering and Human Behaviour.  2015.


Read moreFast and Efficient geometrical method to optimize LRI processes.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, A.Falcó, F.Chinesta, E.Cueto, P.Fideu.
European Conference on Composite Materials.  2014.


Read moreComputational strategies for Real-time control systems in LRI processes.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, A.Falcó, F.Chinesta, E.Cueto, P.Fideu.
European Conference on Composite Materials.  2014.


Read moreA Matrix-Based optimization algorithm for shape deformation using parametric curves.
L.Hilario, A.Falcó, N.Montés, M.C.Mora.
Modelling for Engineering and Human Behaviour.  2014.


Read moreA tensor calculus approach for Bezier Shape Deformation.
L.Hilario, N.Montés, M.C.Mora, A.Falcó.
SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra.  2012.


Read moreIn situ calibration experimental method for Infrared thermography applied to the heat transfer analysis for composite parts during manufacturing based on resin infusion.
U.Pineda, N.Montés, F.Sánchez, F.Besadoun, E.Ruiz.
International Conference on Quantitative Infrared Thermography.  2012.


Read moreExperimental analysis by thermography and conductive heat flow sensors of the curing stage of composite parts made by resin Infusion.
U.Pineda, F.Besadoun, E.Ruiz, N.Montés, F.Sánchez.
European Conference on Composite Materials.  2012.


Read moreReal-time Bézier trajectory deformation for potential fields planning methods.
L.Hilario N.Montés, M.C.Mora, A.Falcó
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp 1567-1572.  2011.


Read moreNumerical Strategies for the Galerking-Proper Generalized decomposition Method.
A.Falcó, L.Hilario N.Montés, M.C.Mora
Mathematical Modelling in Engineering & Human Behaviour.  2011.


Read moreExperimental evaluation of heat transfer measurements during LCM processes by intrusive and non-intrusive heat flow sensors.
U.Pineda, N.Montés, F.Sánchez, L.Domenech
International Conference on Composite Materials.  2011.


Read moreEstimation of local permeability with artificial vision techniques using a direct method.
L.Domenech, N.Montés, F.Sánchez
International Conference on Composite Materials.  2011.


Read moreTensorial Representation of the Bezier Shape Deformation on Robotic Application.
L.Hilario, N.Montés, M.C.Mora, A.Falcó
Conference on Geometry. Theory and applications.  2011.


Read moreReal-time trajectory modification based on Bezier Shape Deformation.
L.Hilario, N.Montés, M.C.Mora, A.Falcó
International Conference on Evolutionary computation.  2010.


Read moreA simplified computational treatment for Non-Isotropic Permeability Flow Models based on Flow Pattern Configuration Spaces.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, N.C.Correia
Flow Processes in Composite Materials  2010.


Read moreTowards Artificial Vision and Pattern Recognition Techniques for Application in Liquid Composite Moulding Processes.
U.Pineda, N.Montés, L.Domenech, F.Sánchez
European Conference on Composite Materials  2010.


Read moreOptimal flow behaviour formulation for LCM processes based on homotopy maps and flow pattern configuration spaces.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, A.Falcó
International Conference of Composite Materials 2009.


Read moreFlow Pattern Configuration Spaces in Liquid Composite Moulding Process Design.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez
International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials 2008.


Read moreApplication of Flow Pattern Configuration Spaces to Optimization and Control of Liquid Composite Moulding Processes.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, A.Falcó
International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials 2008.


Read moreReal-time clothoid approximation by Rational Bezier curves.
N.Montés, A.Herraez, L.Armesto, J.Tornero
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pp 2246-2251 2008.


Read moreMethodology for applying computational techniques in the advanced manufacture of composites through artificial vision.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez.
European Conference of Composite Materials,  2008.


Read moreDevelopment of SCORM Compliant course and middleware. An application of teaching in industrial control engineering.
A.Pons, N.Montés, F.Sánchez, G.Salvador.
International Technology, Education and development conference,  2007.


Read moreHacia la fabricación avanzada de composites moldeados con resinas líquidas (LCM) mediante técnicas de visión artificial.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, J.A. García, J.Tornero.
Materiales compuestos, pp 41-48, 2007.


Read moreApplication of Artificial Vision in flow redirection during filling of Liquid Composite Molding processes.
N.Montés, F.Sánchez, J.A. García, A. Falcó, J.Tornero, F. Chinesta
AIP Conference Proceedings 907 (1), pp 902-907, 2007.


Read moreTrajectory generation based on rational bezier curves as clothoids.
N.Montés, J.Tornero,
IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, pp 505-510, 2007.


Read moreVisual tracking can recapture after fast motions with the use of inertial sensor.
P.Gemeiner, L.Armesto, N.Montés, J.Tornero, M.Vincze, A.Pinz.
Workshop of the Austrian Association on Pattern Recognition. 2006


Read moreApproximationg Clothoids by Bezier curves.
N.Montés, J.Tornero.
Algebraic Geometry and Geometric modelling. 2006


Read moreBezier curves for representing clothoids, circles and straight lines.
N.Montés, L.Armesto J.Tornero,
International Industrial Simulation Conference. , pp 206-210. 2005.


Read moreNotice of Violation of IEEE Publication PrinciplesFast lane changing algorithm for intelligent vehicle highway systems using clothoidal theory and Bezier points.
K Fotiades, J Seimenis
IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, pp  73-77, 2005.


Read moreVisualization and detection of small defects on painted or varnished surfaces.
A.Gil, N.Montés, M.Mora, J.Tornero
Proceedings of the 4th WSEAS International Conference on Signal Processing 2004.


Read moreLane changing using s-series clothoidal approximation and dual-rate based on Bezier points to controlling vehicle.
N.Montés, J.Tornero
WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems 3 (10), pp 2285-2290, 2004